On the following pages you will see things that you might not believe,  but believe, they are real.

First start out with two guys: Darold Spradlin and Ray Mundell, then add some ingenuity and voila you get these cars.

We started out with a little white Yugo, and started searching for another one to weld to the one we had. As luck would have it the local salvage yard had one.  So began our mission, to see what could be done with two Yugo's.  And so became the Toadly Awesome Two Faced Yugo.  The engines on both ends are fully functional, we blocked off the rear brake line from each brake, so we each have a front brake.  One end has a wolf whistle under the hood and the other one has a multi sound horn.  We aimed the window washers out over the front hoods to spray the crowds with.

It took us just a few minutes and a lot of laughing to learn to drive together, the person going forward says what we are going to do, circle, crab steer, or drift.

Then after many parades and a few years later, another idea creeps into my head. No, it didn't hurt either. Just how short could a Yugo be made?  So we set out on our new mission, to make the Weego.

We are available for parades, send email to one of us, our emails are at the bottom of these pages.

Have Yugo's Will Travel

To contact us:  yell very loudly out your window, or send email to:



Two Yugo's

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