Here we are just after welding the two cars together.  It took us 30 minutes on each car to cut it in half.  Then a couple days to get the doors back on and painted.

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Toadly Awesome Two Faced Yugo

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This is what our graphics look like, it says Yugo your way I'll go mine.  We also have a pair of fuzzy dice where the rear view mirrors would be, one dice on each side.

Here we are in Eustis NE parade line up.  This sprayer was tall enough for us to drive under it, in the parking lot.

In the fall of 1999 Car and Driver had a contest to find the 10 best custom 4 wheel drive vehicles in the USA.  Since we have an engine at both ends, that drives the wheels on that end, I figured it was 4 wheel drive, kind of.

Both engines run  and since it's front wheel drive, each end can move the car.  When we drive it the end going forward is the one in gear and moving the car.